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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why the Discipline of God

We are all en-caged in the world system because we live on earth in the natural. Begin with asking why then you can challenge the uniqueness of a particular way of doing things. What is freedom? It is not being limited by "could not" or "should not", but not letting your thought process expand. We know as his children that we must gather together with Jesus as the head while in search of his shelter. We also know that prayer is in essence having a conversation with God. Realizing that he is our provider - that is omniscient foresight on his part. We can only gain this understanding by combining our knowledge, memory and intelligence and giving them to the Father to achieve his shelter or Divine Providence. Of  course, none of this can be accomplished unless you have a teachable mind.

If there is chastisement from the Lord it is only for it to end in mercy for us. Our salvation is precious to him. A cord of three is not easily broken, therefore the more of us that gather together the stronger we become. This also depends on how much we depend on the Lord and not our own understanding. God must be sort of a filter (for lack of a better word). We must realize that we are all undeserving of God's love. Grace is grace and not one of us is better than the other.

Not everyone will understand this, but only the remnant who fully seek God as Lord over their lives; not just for salvation, but every moment of every day.

To the remnant: 

You may think you are talking to deaf ears, but I assure you that someone is listening. We should not base our actions on what the multitude does. We should gather but not follow each other. As a group we should follow God. Submission always comes after chastisement. The corporate religion or religion in general gives us a reason NOT to seek God. Thinking that what you are doing is in vain is a temptation to shake even the strongest of the faithful. We are not working in vain the fire falls on the wheat and the tares together. This exact statement is what should lead us to perseverance. Our patience will show us that God is just and that he will deliver us.

So all that being said, how exactly is God to be sought? Ceremonies profane the repentance of God. Can we as a people pacify the Almighty? We must WANT to seek the fruits of the spirit, allow the sin to be removed from our lives and live set apart from the world for this is holiness.

When you are under the trials and tests you should be humbled that you were worthy of being picked to receive this discipline and not complain against our Father. This is where patience comes in - in waiting for God's deliverance. He gives this to only his best, most holy ones. Learn to confess yourself guilty and be exposed to God's judgement.

The reward of seeking God in our worst circumstances is this: not losing the work you have done for him. Then and only then will you SEE his power in preserving his elect when there seems to be no hope. This should allow us to even more appreciate God's favor.